Tiny Applications

Tiny Applications Collection (or tinyapps) is a set of small tools which make everyday use of a Unix-based system even more enjoyable.

The idea is to allow users to share their own tools that they find useful in their everyday use, and look at what others are doing in case there's something that may be of use. Usually putting out one or two files involves too many steps for anyone to bother, but here, tinyapps is a perfect place for such applications!

To see what tools are already in the collection, take a look at the README file which lists all of them.


If you'd like to share a piece of software you have either send it to me or put it up on a patch tracking system. Either of those will also work for reporting bugs, bug fixes, and improvements to existing tools. All help will be greatly appreciated!

When submitting a new tool, don't forget to add a short description of what the utility does. Also, as it's your code, you are free to choos which free software license you want the application to be distributed under, but I suggest limiting the choice to either GNU Public License version 3.0 (with “or later”) or Apache License 2.0.

Source Code

Tinny Applications uses GIT for source management and tracking changed. Furthermore, the code is mirrored accross three different servers, so if you don't like one for some reason, or it's currently down, take a look at alternatives. To download the ropository to your local disk, issue the following command:

git clone git://github.com/mina86/tinyapps.git
# or:
#git clone git://git.code.sf.net/p/tinyapps/code tinyapps
# or:
#git clone git://repo.or.cz/tinyapps.git

You can also browse the source codes on-line (mirror).


The preferred way to download tinyapps is by cloning the repository as described in “Source Code” section. If, for some reason, you cannod to that, another recommended way is to download latest source code from GitHub mirror.

If even this option does not suite you, you can download a release published via SourceForge, but note that they aren't very frequent and you won't have access to latest features.


You can contact me, Michał Nazarewicz, the admin of the project, by emailing mina86@mina86.com. If you have discovered some bugs or have a feature request consider also taking a look at patch tracking system where you can fill a new ticket.